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Full Production
Amazon Product Campaign
Crowd Global

Crowd Agency, a long-standing client, entrusted us to oversee the production of a global product video series for Belkin, a leading tech brand showcasing their latest line of docking stations. Thanks to our efforts, this content was successfully utilized on their Amazon store.

  • Location Management
  • Styling
  • Casting
  • Shot Listing
  • Full Production
  • Stills Capture
  • Full Post-Production
  • Multiple Versions for various regions
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Belkin needed a series of content that could showcase their new docking stations in a way that would appeal to a global audience. It was important to highlight the features and benefits of the product while also keeping the video engaging and visually interesting. The challenge was to create a video that would meet Belkin's high standards and effectively communicate the value of their product to potential customers.

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We created a dynamic line of videos that combined product shots with lifestyle footage to showcase the versatility and convenience of Belkin's docking stations. The video highlighted the product's key features and benefits, such as fast charging and multiple device compatibility, while also emphasizing the sleek and modern design. Our team worked closely with Belkin and the agency Crowd to ensure that the final product met their expectations and effectively communicated the value of their product to a global audience.

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Belkin was pleased with the outcome and continues to work with Crowd Agency and our team on future video projects.

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