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In the ever-evolving world of advertising, one challenge that often arises is reinventing a brand's image to align with the spirit of the times. For Herbalife, a globally recognized nutrition and sport company, this challenge became a thrilling opportunity to reshape their identity for the next decade. In collaboration with their European agency, Walker, we embarked on a remarkable journey to breathe new life into Herbalife's image.


Full Production

  • Creative Development
  • Casting
  • Location Scouting and Management
  • Wardrobe and Styling
  • Filming
  • Photography
  • Full Post-Production (Edit, Grade, Sound)
  • Delivery for multiple regions
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Dentsu, the global agency behind Herbalife, set a bold vision in motion. They envisioned a brand that wasn't just visually striking but also deeply authentic. The core idea was simple: real people, real moments. This was the spark that ignited our creativity. We took the agency's vision and supercharged it, proposing an approach that married handheld authentic cinematography with an authentic feel. Our cast direction was a pivotal element. Instead of just fitness models, we sought out personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts, and everyday consumers. Our goal was to capture them in their unfiltered authenticity, showcasing people who were truly living their best lives.

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Crafting this campaign required a strategic plan that would not only yield a hero film but also a treasure trove of social assets for both paid and unpaid media. In addition, we aimed to create visually stunning stills that could adorn both print and digital media, and even find their place in out-of-home advertising if required. For 3 days, we ventured to the picturesque Hampshire area in the South, away from the bustling streets of London. This move not only ensured a cost-effective production but also allowed us to maintain a tight schedule. Our agile crew worked seamlessly, making the most of our time on set to bring our creative vision to life.

Photoshoot image
Photoshoot imagePhotoshoot image

The moment of truth arrived when we unveiled the first glimpses of our creation to both the Walker agency and Herbalife's internal team. The response was nothing short of electrifying – they loved it! Along with the hero assets, we also delivered an extensive content pack for Herbalife's team and partner agencies, featuring an impressive collection of over 200 captivating still images and 315 video assets. In the end, the Herbalife Evolution was not just a campaign; it was a creative odyssey that celebrated the authenticity and vitality of real people, ushering in a new era for a global nutrition and sport giant, setting their european division off in a fresh, new direction.

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