Sail Away

project type
T.V Commercial
U.K and Channel Islands
VOD, TV and Online
Walker Agency

Condor is a well established travel brand that connects the south of England with the beautiful channel islands and France. With the increasing competition from Airlines and other travel providers. Walker, Condor’s long time agency partner, wanted to refresh the look and feel of this long standing brand, with a focus on travel to the channel islands being “Better by Sea”.


Full Production

  • Creative Development
  • Wardrobe and Styling
  • Filming
  • Full Post-Production (Edit, Grade, Sound)
  • Delivery for multiple regions
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With the service always running, filming at sea poses significant logistical complexities, with the ever-changing weather and the movement of the ship requiring adaptability and precision from our team. Overcoming these hurdles, we successfully captured the essence of a journey with Condor within just two shoot days.

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Our agile production approach allowed us to navigate the ship's small spaces with agility and grace, creating stunning lifestyle shots without the footprint of a larger crew. This choice was not just practical, but a testament to our belief in the power of simplicity, using modern equipment and our fully in-house multi talented team. First-Person View aerial filming injected a sense of boundless freedom into the narrative. This admittedly challenging approach allowed viewers to soar alongside the ferry, experiencing a journey through an exhilarating perspective. A critical aspect of our project was to transform the perception of the cabin areas. Despite their compact nature, our innovative filming techniques made these spaces appear spacious and luxurious. This transformation was key in enhancing the viewer's understanding of the comfort and quality offered by Condor Ferries.

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Photoshoot imagePhotoshoot image

In conclusion, this project exemplifies the power of collaboration, with Walker Agency and our team synergizing their expertise to rejuvenate Condor's brand identity. Together, we've redefined the sea travel experience, emphasising the unique charm and comfort of Condor Ferries. Our combined efforts in overcoming production challenges and innovatively showcasing the journey transformed the brand's image, aligning perfectly with the "Better by Sea" concept. This case study is not only a testament to the power of creative and technical prowess but also highlights how effective partnerships like that with Walker Agency can significantly enhance customer perception and brand appeal in a competitive market.

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