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Full Production

Walker Agency sought to reposition Ordnance Survey as a modern brand at the forefront of outdoor lifestyle and location-based technologies. The task was to transform OS into a symbol of contemporary outdoor exploration and innovation, extending well beyond paper maps.


Full Production

  • Creative Development
  • Casting
  • Location Scouting and Management
  • Wardrobe and Styling
  • Filming
  • Photography
  • Full Post-Production (Edit, Grade, Sound)
  • Delivery for multiple regions

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In collaboration with marketing agency Walker, we embarked on a journey to create a new suite of assets for Ordnance Survey's consumer-facing arm. Ordnance Survey, faced a unique challenge – they needed to transcend their traditional image and be recognized for a broader spectrum of offerings. Today, their portfolio includes groundbreaking products like the OS Maps App and Suunto, which integrates into wearable devices for trail running.

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After meticulous location scouting, we set our sights on the picturesque Wye Valley, a place that might be familiar as a backdrop to the Netflix series "Sex Education." This region is known for its serene rivers and lush green forests – a perfect playground for our cast to explore with their OS products. Over two days, our in-house crew worked tirelessly to capture scenes that spanned hiking, camping, and route planning, traversing the diverse landscapes of the valley we had meticulously selected during our thorough recce. We intentionally focused on two distinct customer categories: the weekend adventurers looking for a casual escape and the more seasoned hikers and outdoor enthusiasts seeking rigorous challenges.

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Photoshoot imagePhotoshoot image

In the end, our efforts resulted in a rich content library, boasting over 200 video assets and 200 still assets. This resource is poised to serve the OS and Walker teams over the next three years of campaigns. It's a testament to Ordnance Survey's evolution from being just "the map people" to a modern brand that inspires and empowers outdoor enthusiasts and location-based technology enthusiasts alike.

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