Why Dorset should be the filming location of choice for outdoor lifestyle brands.

Crispin Hutton
Production Manager
Sean Batts

The Dorset area in the UK is a beautiful and diverse region that offers an abundance of natural scenery and stunning landscapes. With its picturesque coastline, rolling hills, and ancient woodlands, the area has become a popular location for filming outdoor lifestyle content. Whether you're looking to showcase a new line of hiking gear, feature your latest camping equipment, or highlight your brand's commitment to sustainability, Dorset has it all.

One of the standout features of the Dorset area is its stunning coastline. From the famous Durdle Door to the rugged cliffs of the Jurassic Coast, the area offers an array of breathtaking backdrops that are perfect for filming. The rugged terrain and crashing waves make for dramatic shots that are sure to captivate viewers. The area is also home to a range of outdoor activities such as surfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding, which can add an extra level of excitement to your content.

Fully mobile outdoor lighting setup, BTS of Nite Watches shoot in 2022

Natural Diversity

One great example of how the Dorset area can be used to create stunning outdoor lifestyle content is the campaign we created for Nite Watches. We teamed up with their team to showcase their rugged and durable timepieces in a variety of outdoor locations throughout Dorset.

To capture the beauty of the Dorset coast, the Thin Reel crew filmed in a variety of locations including Lulworth Cove, Durdle Door, and the famous cliffs of the Jurassic Coast. The rugged coastline and crashing waves made for dramatic shots that perfectly complemented the tough and durable design of the Nite Watches.

In addition to the coast, the campaign also showcased the beauty of the Dorset countryside. Filming took place in the rolling hills and ancient woodlands of the area, with shots featuring Nite Watches being worn while hiking, cycling, and camping. These scenes helped to emphasize the rugged and adventurous nature of the brand, while also showcasing the natural beauty of the area.

Keeping warm on a location Recce.


For those looking to showcase their brand's commitment to sustainability, the Dorset area has a lot to offer. The region is home to a number of environmentally-friendly initiatives, including renewable energy projects and organic farming practices. Filming in these locations can help demonstrate your brand's commitment to the environment and its efforts to promote sustainable living.

Finally, the Dorset area has a wealth of historical and cultural sites that can add depth and interest to your content. From the ancient ruins of Corfe Castle to the charming seaside town of Lyme Regis, the area offers a rich and varied history that can add an extra layer of interest to your videos. By incorporating these cultural elements into your content, you can help tell a more compelling and engaging story.

Director, Sam Cleverly planning out a scene.

Transport Links & Connections to London

The area is well-served by a variety of transport options, including major highways and rail links. The A31 and A35 highways run through the area, providing easy access to the coast, countryside, and major towns and cities in the region. The M27 motorway is also nearby, connecting the area to London and other major cities in the south of England.

For those looking to travel by train, the area is well-served by the South Western Railway and Great Western Railway networks. These networks provide easy access to major towns and cities in the area, as well as direct links to London and other parts of the UK. Additionally, the area is home to several smaller rail stations, making it easy to access more remote locations.

In terms of air travel, the Dorset area is located within easy reach of several major airports. Bournemouth Airport is the closest, located just a short drive from many of the area's most popular filming locations. Other nearby airports include Southampton Airport and Bristol Airport, both of which offer a range of domestic and international flights.

In conclusion, the Dorset area in the UK is a fantastic location for filming outdoor lifestyle content. With its stunning coastline, rolling hills, and diverse range of natural and cultural sites, the area offers a wealth of options for showcasing your brand's products and values. Dorset should be high on your list of potential filming locations

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