How Ad Agencies can Successfully Collaborate with Production Companies

Rosie Portal
Senior Producer

Content requirements are increasing and the budgets are decreasing. The need for constant, fresh, high level production is relentless, especially now we’re fully immersed in life online and on social media.

Agencies are no doubt able to put together a creative brief but can’t always execute the full production in-house. Finding a video production team that is used to working hand in hand with agencies can be a challenge. Whether you’ve got a fully developed brief, or need support developing an initial idea. This guide is a fantastic starting point before you jump into the world of video production!

Here's a guide to understanding this collaboration and ensuring successful outcomes:

Understanding the need for a dedicated video production team.

Agencies aim for video content that not only engages and educates but also inspires and motivates audiences, driving tangible results. To achieve this, collaboration with a video production team ensures the agency can focus on delivering an outstanding creative and the production team then bring that vision to life with their production and technical expertise.

Let's break it down into four key stages below. For this example, let's say you (as the agency) have a ready to go brief and have come to a video production studio to facilitate it.  

The Collaboration Process

1. Starting the Conversation

The first step involves sharing the vision for the project, defining its purpose, target audience, tone, call to action, delivery method and then setting a budget.  

2. Pre-Production (Planning)

Once the budget is signed off, this is essentially where a producer will work on all things logistics and organisation - scouting out fresh places to shoot right down to how many coffee pods to order! You, as the agency, will be kept in the loop at all times, in fact, we need you! We will send you casting options, locations to pick, wardrobe moodboards to set the tone…and more. We want to get all this signed off and ready to go before production commences so the shoot days flow smoothly. We will also provide you with some light reading such as call sheets, shooting schedules and risk assessments to ensure everyone knows where to park and are kept safe!

3. Production/ Filming

Now this is the good bit - we get to shoot! Finding a production studio with a fully in-house team is essential for a smooth process. You will have the same crew from initial quoting stage right through to delivery, so the people shooting your content will also be editing it. This works well as they will know what conversations were had on set or tweaks that might need to be made, ahead of time. 

4. Editing / Post-Production

Find a production team that will allow revision stages. For example, Thin Reel works to a 3 x stage review process so you have lots of time to let the team know if you want anything changed. Straight after the shoot, the crew go back to base and offload the footage so that we can get you a rough cut edit a few days after we wrap on set. Then, you can leave comments or go through it with us to develop the edit and ensure things like sound design, grade, or graphics are looking sharp. Once you’re happy with the final edit you’ll be sent a downloadable link to share far and wide! Simple as that. 

What to Look for in a Video Production Company

- Strong Partnerships: A good video production partner excels in communication, works well in tandem, and understands the importance of compromise.

- Talent and Capabilities: Ensure the agency has a proven track record and the necessary in-house capabilities to handle various aspects of video production.

- Cost-Effective Solutions: Look for a partner that provides premium content without an exorbitant price tag, offering the best value for your investment.

- Agile Production Approach: Studios like Thin Reel Media are known for their agile and efficient production approach, utilising a talented in-house team and modern equipment.

- Client Testimonials: Positive feedback from clients can be a good indicator of an agency's capability to deliver high-quality work and handle complex projects.

Final Thoughts

The collaboration between ad agencies and video production companies like Thin Reel is pivotal in today’s digital marketing landscape. It’s about crafting stories that resonate with the audience, utilising a blend of creative vision and strategic execution. When selecting a video production partner, consider their approach to project management, creative execution, and their track record of delivering successful content.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to create content that not only meets the immediate marketing objectives but also strengthens the long-term brand strategy. Selecting the right video production partner is crucial in achieving these objectives.

If you fancy a chat about your video production project, please get in touch with our team below for an initial call. 

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