How to develop an effective social content strategy for 2022

Luke Munt
Junior Editor & Filmmaker

Innovative and effective online marketing techniques have never been more crucial in ensuring success for a business. In particular, marketing in the form of video production continues to prove itself as the dominant force.

Online marketing for businesses has never been more relevant, due to being one of the main enablers in generating new business and leads, as well as creating important customer interaction and engagement. It is almost nowadays expected that any new or well established brand or business should have a thriving and consistent online presence. 

Moreover, content marketing in the form of video production encourages the consumer to interact and become immersed in a brand or company’s values and beliefs - this is arguably exemplified due to the dominant online world that we are living in and being bombarded with online information. The effect that content marketing has had on consumers has in fact perhaps created an enhanced customer/company relationship where the consumer feels more connected - subsequently increasing leads and sales.

Why Your Business Should Be Using Video Marketing Regularly

Considering all this, the longevity of a company is clearly heavily influenced by whether any given business decides, or more catastrophically, doesn’t decide to invest in and value the overwhelming importance surrounding content marketing in the form of video. A well-calculated approach for any business start-up must ensure that their online presence is not deprived or under-valued when putting together a marketing content strategy plan.

To take it one step further, having a well-oiled marketing strategy team in-place will only help to enhance and increase the overall effectiveness of online content marketing. This is due to the fact that the business will unlock a greater analytical understanding surrounding their consumer market, technology and creative approach - such as having a focus on content creation and out-sourcing production crews in order to provide and create professional and engaging video content which can be used for the business’s online platforms and website for example.

Social First Content Planning 

Here at Thin Reel, our understanding for the need of regular and focused video content is at the very forefront of our everyday working, and we have designed a sleek and widely available subscription in order to suit any form of B2B content creation, ranging from small independent businesses to larger productions. 

All this comes under our LOOP service which has recently launched. LOOP enables you to have access to innovative and sleek video production that is tailored to the exact needs and demands of your brand or business, our team are pioneers within the film production industry and will provide the very best when it comes to pre-production, shooting and post-production aspects. Our packages are varied and come in three different sizes, these are budgeted to the exact needs of your business and provide social-first content that will elevate your brand's identity and bring intense consumer engagement and economic success.

Standing Out From the Crowd

With this being said, one of the major points which will determine the success of utilising content marketing and video production is having the ability to appear unique. This is crucial in determining the trajectory of a brand or business's reputation and success. 

It’s one thing being able to utilise video content as a way of promoting your business’s USPs and beliefs, but if this is not done correctly - SEO and online algorithms will simply swallow up your marketing attempts leaving you in a pit with other uninspiring competitors. Combatting this with fully fledged and well constructed video content that is professionally done and innovatively put together will alleviate these worries, ensuring that your content marketing strategy is a resounding success.

Another aspect of your marketing strategy approach must ensure that your business or brand is pushing out regular and consistent video, without seeing a drop in quality and impact. This is arguably the most challenging aspect when it comes to video production. However, if this can be secured, you're on for a home run. This is due to the fact that you will become a trusted and well reputable brand or business which consumers will continue to recognise and subconsciously form a positive and high opinion of - securing brand/business authority.

We have listened to this and have also realised that having an online presence and being able to constantly push regular and engaging social first content is the dominant force in setting your brand or business apart from competitors. Our LOOP service is designed specifically with this in mind, with each package providing you with a recurring monthly video content plan so that you can expand your online presence and reach new and existing consumers.

Bottom line, consistency is key, and if your business can ensure this then studies have time and time again proved a high return on investment (ROI).

Studies presented by ‘Content Marketing Institute’ have shown that content marketing will generate more than 3 times the amount of leads compared to that of a non-existent or reduced online content marketing strategy. In addition, implementing content marketing that is relevant and constructed with your consumers needs and desires at the forefront will comply with online algorithms and ensure that the majority of interactions are qualified and targeted, therefore creating high revenues and a business model that is scalable and prosperous.

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