Bring your software to life! A guide for SaaS, AI and Tech Brands.

Sam Cleverly
Studio Manager & Senior Editor

SaaS and AI companies have a real marketing challenge. How do you creatively show, explain and creative serious interest in your product, when there is nothing physically tangible about it? How can we show the UI, and data processes in a visually compelling way?’

A screen recording? Hopefully not. 

How we do it.

Bring it into the real world! How it interacts with its intended audience and demonstrate the very reason it was created. We aren't talking about an old school powerpoint video here but an immersive experience of how your digital service can support the customer. Using modern animation and filmmaking techniques.

Bring it into the real world.

Combining animation with live action footage we can create visually compelling narratives that really give software products some weight.

Motion Design

Many modern software companies pour hours into effective UX design. Show this off! Show that your product has been polished and refined gives it credibility as a modern and powerful service.

Live Action + UI Animation - Example

Take our campaign for Salve as an example. Salve is a company who creates software for fertility clinics. Their platforms are created to manage your journey with them from start to finish and how seamless they make the physical and emotional journey for their clients' patients. We took their existing UI using Invision & Figma and animated it and then integrated it into a video to demonstrate how their product would work in day to day life and how their patients interact with it. This gave their idea weight in the industry and the market because not only could they read and hear about it but they could visually see how it worked first hand, something that can't be underestimated.

Visualising the unseen.

It is hard to imagine back end software or AI. How do you visualise something that is usually just lines of code function in the background.

We achieved just that with BenevolentAI. They are at the forefront of drug development and discovery. They combine AI and machine learning with science to decipher disease biology and discover therapeutic interventions. Now, I get it, that sounds really high tech and a little confusing, how on earth can you make that into a visual representation of the tech? 

We were tasked with creating their brand film and they wanted their AI to be integrated into the film. Firstly, to stand out and not be a standard corporate video and secondly, to show the complexity of AI which is at the centre of their business. The team at Thin Reel Media came up with a way to visually represent the AI and throughout the film we were adding a compelling, interesting visual aid to what was being discussed.

In an ever growing digital world visual content is as important as ever, a marketing aspect that can't be underestimated and should be leveraged accordingly. In an industry where everyones trying to stand out and have their own voice, sometimes you need more than just words.

If you’re a tech company who truly wants to stand out and to showcase your product in a forward thinking, visual feast. Get in touch.

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