Sustainable Luxury

Ethics at the core.

Norlha is an ethical fashion brand based on the beautiful Tibetan Plateau. They believe in the exceptional qualities of rare Yak fiber, in the skill of dedicated artisans, and the creation of superior products. Norlha wanted to elevate their brand's presence in the ethical fashion market as part of a month-long #fashionrevolution campaign.

Norlha were keen to use a European agency to ensure the content resonated with western audiences.


Planning Remotely.

Norlha were keen to keep their people and Tibetan culture at the core of the campaign. Therefore, all Norlha products were to be shown being used & worn in an aspect of Tibetan life. Using real Tibetan people, not actors or models. 

We developed the initial shooting plan during the month leading up to production. Working remotely was challenging but ultimately worked well. So, when we arrived on the Tibetan Plateau we could hit the ground running.


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Planning Remotely.

Post - Production was extremely extensive. Many of the videos we're complex and required advanced editing, sound design, and color grading.


Thin Reel worked with Norlha remotely after returning to the UK. We took onboard client feedback and decisions in order to ensure the content met their needs both creatively and technically. 

"Norlha Textiles, worked with Thin Reel Media in Spring of 2018, and we cannot say enough good things about their work. They came all the way to our remote village on the Tibetan Plateau, and despite the challenges of working in this environment, and the complexity of the stories we wanted to tell, Thin Reel thrived and captured everything perfectly. We can't wait to work with them in the future!"


- Willard Johnson | Norlha

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