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Understanding the brand.

British-designed, Nite's watches feature self-powered tritium illumination – the very best watch illumination technology there is – for a constant glow throughout the night whatever the conditions.

Our relationship with Nite started in 2018 when they approached us to produce their first few pieces of video creative. 3 years on, we're still delivering epic, eye-catching content that embeds Nite into the adventure and mid-range fashion markets. 


"We worked with Thin Reel Media on our fist large scale video project creating a number of promotional brand videos and the guys there were fantastic."

Gavin Mountford

Marketing Manager

Nite International Ltd


Shooting Nite.

Nite's Tritium illumination technology is one of their key features. All our content puts this front and center showing the series ability to transform from a fashion-focused time-piece to a practical tool.


Shooting this illumination effect is no easy task. Combining artificial UV lighting with heavy amounts of post-production work allows us to do this incredible feature justice.  

Brand Film


Brand Film


Series Videos



The Results

Never disappointed, Nite continues to work us to deliver all their video content needs. From new series launches to social content to keep their audience constantly engaged. 

Nite has utilized their latest batch of content as part of a social ad campaign and will continue to do so in the run-up to Christmas 2020.