Modern, ambitious production.


Small crews,

big ideas.

Thin Reel was founded in the digital era, and we are continuously embracing new technology and production approaches to get more out of every shoot day. 

We believe that smaller crews are often more effective, adaptable, and creative. And with modern technology bloated, costly productions are often unnecessary.  be




Our in-house team has delivered everything from T.V Commercials to smaller online launch campaigns. We ensure everything fits in within the creative brief/plan. So we have everything we need to move through to post-production. 

Modern Equipment

Our equipment is fit for agile, modern filming. Giving our crew the ability to shoot with confidence and peak creativity. 

In-House Crew

Our core crew is fully in-house and we have a large network of production partners for more niche roles when needed. 

Studio Spaces

We have an in-house studio space at our Bournemouth HQ. A perfect space for interviews, product filming, and much more.