Client Questions

How much does a video or video campaign cost from Thin Reel?

It's one of the most frequequent questions we get. There are three methods for starting a project with us and getting a quote: Option 1: We have a set budget from you to develop a production proposal for. Option 2: We take your initial brief, develop it with your marketing team and put together a quote based on what we discuss. Option 3: Similar to option 2 but we create two quotes. A premium and basic option. If you have any questions or would like some guidance on what to prepare before enquiring please do get in touch.

Can you work white label under our company/agency?

Yes! We work white label all the time. Giving you the instant capabily to support your clients.

Do you shoot internationally?

We do! Our post-production facilites are based in the UK. But we shoot projects for a whole host of clients from Abu Dhabi to Las Vagas.

Are your productions insured?

They are. We hold indemnity insurance for video productions and also optain insurance for any specialist requirements. (e.g. Aerial, Underwater).

How much control do I have during the post-production process?

You have COMPLETE control. We can guide you on what we think will ensure success for your content but it is your video. Per video, as standard, you get a 3 stage review process: Rough Cut, then review. Middle cut, then review. Final Cut, confirm you are happy with the final product.

Do you have a minimum project value/scale?

We don't. We take on a wide variety of project scales from month long shoots to half day events.


What do you look for in a applicant?

Thin Reel always aims to go further than our competitors. So we look for individuals with exceptional ability who are proactive and determined to create incredible work.

Do you run an apprentiship or internship scheme?

This is something we get asked a lot. Unfortunately, we don't currently have any apprenticeship/internship scheme running. This is something we do plan on supporting in the future. However, we want to wait until a time we can really create something that will be beneficial to young people in the local area.