It all comes together.


Technical ability combined with unparalleled creativity.

A great finished product often comes together during the post-production phase. Our team of talented editors, designers and animators are the very best at their craft. Used to putting everything together from dramatic, cinematic brand adverts to short, snappy, upbeat social content.



Cut, slow down, speed up, fade, zoom. This is where we build the narative of your content. 


Our animators and motion graphic designers have a wide range of styles. From animating software to 2D characters and 3D products. 

Colour Grading

Thin Reel productions are renowned for their vibrant grades that pop off the screen. Grading is what gives your project a unique look.

Sound Desing

Sound is what brings the world on screen to life. We have access to multiple libraries of fully licensed commercial SFX. 

Sound Mixing

Very technical, very important. Ensures that whatever device your customer is using audio is crisp, clear and audible. 

Music Licensing

Our wide range of licensing partners mean we can find music to suit any project or even create our own.