Let's keep rolling.

Safe productions within the tier restrictions.




Staying Safe.

Staying Productive.

During this pandemic, we are looking to support our clients old and new in a safe and conscientious manner. Therefore, we have put together some simple guidelines that all our productions in the near future will be following.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Workstations and Equipment


All workstations and editing suites at TRM will continue to be cleaned and sanitised at least twice daily

Protective Gear


All our staff and contractors will have access to face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer when working on client productions. 

Minimal Crews

We have always had fairly small crew sizes at Thin Reel but now we are going to make a conscious effort to only have workers who are essential to each production on site.

Social Distancing


All crew members will follow the strict government guidelines of a 2-meter minimum between persons. 

Client Visits and Edit Reviews


Unfortunately, we won't be having clients into our review suites for editing feedback. However, we have set up a really streamlined virtual workflow so you can give us your feedback on a live call and see edit changes in real-time.


We understand that during this time there is a lot of uncertainty for all businesses. Therefore, we want to remain flexible with shoot scheduling and date changes for productions if required.